Microshifts is hiring

  • Full-stack Developers

  • Data and AI Engineers

  • Exploratory and Automated Testers

You can be based in Mataro, Barcelona, Stockholm, or Southern Sweden (Skåne, Lund, Malmo). You can also be based anywhere else in the world, as long as you have a half-decent internet connection ;)

If you are interested contact us at team@microshifts.app

About Microshifts

Microshifts deal with the problem of people not feeling good too often, which affects all areas of our lives. The Microshifts app helps develop a habit of feeling better and focusing on doing what matters most. The Microshifts app helps people to shift into a better and productive mental and physical state, and develop a habit of focusing on what matters most so they can live and work as their best selves.